Listen to Dr. Saadat on the Roni Deutch Radio Show

Listen to Dr. Saadat on the Roni Deutch Radio Show listen to Dr. Saadat on The Roni Deutch Radio. World renowned Board Certified Doctor and Sleeping Disorder Specialist, Dr. Saadat has helped thousands of people with their sleeping and breathing

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Dr. Saadat Speaks to About Sleep Apnea

Dr. Saadat, who has three board certifications, is one of the few doctors in Southern California who can the Inspire device for obstructive sleep apnea. “If anyone needs a good night’s rest, it is our men and women serving in

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Fitbit Building Tools for Sleep Apnea

Fitbit is building tools to help diagnose and monitor sleep apnea, a disorder that affects some 18 million American adults, the company told CNBC > 

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Sleep Apnea Treatment – Inspire Therapy

Dr. Saadat is one of the few doctors in Southern California who can install the only FDA-approved implantable device for obstructive sleep apnea. Known as Inspire Upper Airway Stimulation therapy, the small accessory is implanted in the patient’s neck and

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Dr. Saadat on Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea is a dangerous thing and it is tremendously under-diagnosed. How do you know if you’re snoring? But there is another problem. Let’s say somebody has said, ok I’ll wear the CPAP machine. If you’re like me you go

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Sculptra – Before and After

Before and After images showcasing the use of 5 vials of Sculptra, over a 25 month period, with a 42 year old female patient.  

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Latera Patient Testimonial

From Maryann L., Huntington Beach, CA Maryann Lundstrom is a 55 year old female with bilateral nasal wall collapse. She was treated by Dr. Saadat with bilateral Spirox Latera Implants on April 12, 2017. This testimonial was taken 3 months post procedure. 

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Sinus Pain – Balloon Sinuplasty

Office sinus dilation is a minimally invasive option that can be performed in our offices. The goal of office sinus dilation is to reshape anatomy to expand sinus pathways and restore drainage. Dr. Saadat is a trained and experienced user of

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LATERA Absorbable Nasal Implant

If you are suffering from a collapsed nasal valve relief can be ten minutes away via the LATERA Absorbable Nasal Implant. The procedure is done in our offices and leaves no visible scarring. It was designed to support the upper

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Skin Cancer Reconstruction There is Hope – The Magazine of Santa Clarita

D. David Saadat, MD is triple board certified in facial plastic surgery, otolaryngology and sleep medicine who in partnership with SCENT of Santa Clarita treats the ear, nose, throat, speech, audiology and facial plastic surgery needs for adults and children.

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