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Pre-Op Instructions

Preparing for Surgery

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Beginning five days prior to surgery, you should wash the surgical area with an antibacterial solution such as Betadine Scrub, Dial or Lever 2000 soap. Wash in a continuous scrubbing action for several minutes at least once a day.

History and Physical
Complete your pre-op medical history form for upcoming surgery. Make it known to us prior to surgery if you have any allergies to medications, or health we problems that should be aware of.

Asprin & Smoking
Don’t take any medications containing blood thinning agents such as asprin or asprin based products for two weeks before and after surgery. Please refer to your list of medications for more information. If you are on any of the medications referred to on the medication list please let us know well in advance. Smokers should stop smoking at least 3 weeks prior to surgery. This will help to improve your circulation which is an important factor in the healing process.

Laboratory Test
Lab tests should be completed at least one week prior to butt lift surgery. We must receive the final results in our office no later than 5 days prior to surgery.

You may have a normal dinner the night before surgery. However you may not eat or drink anything after midnight, this includes water and DO NOT drink alcohol.

Wear comfortable, loose fitting clothing preferably something that has a draw string or elastic waist. The top should either zip or button in the front, do not wear clothing that needs to be pulled over your head. This web site is only a reminder to you, please refer to the paper work we give to you.

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